Lake Como and Acquaseria, an introduction

When you thinks of Lombardy, it is impossible to not think about the stunning Lake Como. Nestled between the mountains, the basin in the shape of an inverted ‘Y’ is the third largest lake in Italy. With depths of over 400 meters, it sits on top of the list of deepest lakes in the country. In ancient times it aroused from a glacier, and managed to create itself between the high mountain walls. The mild Mediterranean climate, that this has emerged, makes the area a very pleasant, year-round residence.

All our holiday apartments are located in the village of Acquaseria. This belongs since 2003 to the municipality of San Siro, a string of hamlets about 6km above the tourist town of Menaggio. The village is authentic and has a grocery store, butcher, supermarket and several restaurants and cafes. Your daily portion of cooling down is just around the corner, our accommodations are located only 200 meters from the nearest pebble beach, just like the nearest park. Staying in Acquaseria guarantees a varied holiday in a peaceful and relaxing area, where there is an abundance of activities nearby.

What to do in the area of Lake Como?

Both in summer and winter, Lake Como is surrounded by a wide variety of day trips and adventures. The region is a perfect place to do hiking, skiing and climbing tours through the rugged mountains, making culinary discoveries or to do sail, fish and windsurf trips on the lake. A visit to the eponymous and largest city of Como, is a must. And although the lake was known in Roman times as Larius or Lario, it’s been since the same period a popular place for the rich and famous. Thanks to the many large villas, castles and palaces that surround the lake, it has always  been known for the good life, ‘La Dolce Vita’. For example, in recent years Madonna, George Clooney, John Kerry, Gianni Versace and Ronaldinho all (had) a house on Lake Como in their possession.

In the summer months

Lake Como is renowned for its not too hot and very pleasant summers. With an average temperature of 24 degrees, discovering towns and villages on the lake is ideal during the summer months. Next to Como you can visit Menaggio, Bellagio, Varenna, Dongo and Lecco. Also the large cities further away, such as Milan, Bergamo and Brescia are even doable as day trips. In summer, there is obviously plenty of sun, making it ideal to relax or swim in the cool lake. As the water temperatures are excellent, water sports lovers can indulge in canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, wind-, kite surfing and sailing. Not to mention the more laid-back options like renting a boat (trip) or taking one of the many ferries to the towns around the lake.

Also on dry land, there are plenty of sporting activities. Consider hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, but also the possibility to play golf on one of Italy’s oldest golf courses. For culture lovers there is the possibility to go along with one of the many museums, historic buildings and castles in the region.

In the winter months

During the autumn and winter, banks with mist sprays hang above the lake which transform the region into a fairytale picture. In the winter holidays Lake Como is a completely different experience. At Christmas there are the baker’s big Panettone cakes filled with fruits that originate from Milan and in major cities there are Christmas markets. The mountains are covered with snow and the views along the shores are magnificent. The warm water is not very cold in the fall and that makes it enjoyable to do a lot of sports activities or city trips. An hour’s drive there are a lot of great ski and snowboard runs and resorts where you can do comprehensive winter sports and apres ski. Lake Como is ideal as the alternative winter sports location.

Interactive map and points of interest

Our interactive map contains many activities and points of interest related to our holiday apartments around Lake Como. Drag the map back and forth, and click one one of the icons for more information on recreation points, restaurants, ski-resorts, airports and more. Swipe with two fingers, or use the zoom buttons at the bottom right to zoom in and out.

map_pin1 Casa Famiglia, Bella Vista & Panoramica
black_airport Airport
pur_villa Historical villa/palace
blue_justice Museum/Historic building
pur_restaurant Restaurant
cablecar Funicular
pool Pool/Welness
pur_golf Golf court
park-urban Nature/park
market Local market
pur_coffee Bar/Cafe
beach Beach
shop Shopping
red_cyclingsport Active
skiing Ski area